Lectrosonics MTCR Miniature Time Code Recorder



Lectrosonics MTCR Miniature Time Code Recorder.

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Lectrosonics MTCR Miniature Time Code Recorder.

When the distance is extreme or using a wireless microphone is not practical, the MTCR recorder can travel with your subject and capture professional quality audio, synchronized with timecode. It’s tiny size is unobtrusive and easily placed in garments and costumes, and easy to conceal when used as a “plant” microphone to capture environmental or location sound. With a time code sync at the start of the production, the audio track is easily placed accurately in the timeline of a video clip. The industry standard .wav (BWF) file format is compatible with essentially any audio or video editing software. The recorder can also be tethered to a camera to capture a higher quality or backup audio recording. The input connector is the industry standard TA5M jack that accepts any mic or line level signal and provides bias voltage to power a wide variety of electret lavaliere microphones. The input connection and wiring is compatible with microphones pre-wired for use with Lectrosonics professional wireless microphone transmitters. Setup and adjustment is made through an intuitive interface provided by the keypad and LCD. In keeping with typical Lectrosonics mechanical designs, the housing is machined from a solid aluminum billet for the ruggedness needed in field production.


• Professional quality digital audio recordings in Broadcast Wave Format
• Ultra compact size for easy concealment
• Records to microSDHC memory cards
• Wide range input gain adjustment for mic to line level signals
• Time code jam/sync from external source
• Standard Lectrosonics TA5M input jack
• Lectrosonics “servo bias” input preamp
• Solid machined aluminum construction
• Over six hours of operation on a single AAA lithium battery