DPA SLIM 4161 Omni Lav Microphone, TA5F Connector for Lectrosonics



DPA d:screet 4161 Slim Omni Mic, Loud SPL, Black, TA5F




DPA d:screet 4161 Slim Omni Mic, Loud SPL, Black, TA5F

The black d:screet Slim 4061 Omnidirectional Microphone with Lo-Sensitivity & TA5F Connector for Lectrosonics Wireless Transmitters from DPA is a flat, short microphone with a cable that runs perpendicular to the sound inlet, ensuring easy mounting and a tiny footprint. When used with the detachable Button-Hole Mount (included), it becomes completely invisible, ideal in applications for film, theater, broadcast TV, and more.

The d:screet Slim 4061 Omnidirectional Microphone is capable of a maximum SPL that is 10 dB higher than the high sensitivity model, while still easily adapting to your needs via the MicroDot connector, offering a range of accessories and adapters available for all pro wireless systems. Featuring the same capsule as DPA's classic d:screet 4061 Omnidirectional Miniature Microphone, but in a different housing, the Slim Series delivers sound on par with the Miniature Series, making it a suitable choice for any application requiring big sound and a small, hidden footprint. 

Button-Hole Mount
The d:screet Slim Omnidirectional Microphone comes with a unique Button-Hole Mount. It mounts on the mic head and has a small side-entry pipe (2 mm diameter). The pipe makes it possible for sound to enter the mic when it is concealed in a button hole. It should be mounted on the side of the microphone with the silver dot
Hardwired for Lectrosonics Wireless Transmitters


  • For Stage, Television, & Film
  • Invisible with Button-Hole Mount
  • 20 Hz to 20 kHz Frequency Response
  • TA5F Connector Included
  • Hardwired for Lectrosonics Wireless Transmitters