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LIVESHOT Live Wireless - Low Latency Video over IP

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LIVESHOT Live Wireless - Low Latency Video over IP

Comrex LiveShot Studio delivers live video over a range of IP networks. LiveShot is used by TV stations and networks to deliver high quality, low latency video from anywhere Internet access is available. LiveShot leverages the success of Comrex ACCESS audio IP codecs and uses the same technology to smooth out the "bumps" on the public Internet to allow broadcast-quality live video streaming. LiveShot is especially optimized to perform well on challenging IP networks like 3G, 4G and satellite-based links.

LiveShot delivers full-duplex video and stereo audio between the field portable
and studio rackmount systems. In addition, a full-duplex cue channel is
available between the systems. On the portable, the return audio/video
channel is delivered via output connectors, or streamed to a mobile device via the built-in Wi-Fi access point. The cue channel is accessible on the portable
via wired headset or Bluetooth audio to a wireless headset.

LiveShot encodes and decodes video to the H.264 codec standard, which is the
state-of-the art codec for high quality video using low network bandwidth. But
not all H.264 encoders are alike. Within the standard, several lesser-quality profiles are available to conserve processing power. For optimal video quality, LiveShot encodes with H.264 HIGH profile. Several other options within the H.264 standard, many of which are not implemented by competing products due to complexity, are default in LiveShot. All H.264 options that maximize quality over poor networks and decrease latency are implemented.