Talamas Shure Event Recap

Shure Event Recap
Ben Escobedo Ben Escobedo and Vanessa Jensen Vanessa Jensen

Ben Escobedo and Vanessa Jensen of Shure gave a well-received seminar on September 18.
They discussed the latest information on the FCC frequency change and demoed several of Shure's wireless audio products. Thank you to Vanessa, Ben, and the Shure team!

We are proud to partner with Shure and two of the industry’s leading experts, Vanessa Jensen and Ben Escobedo, to present on a wide range of topics including:

  • Fundamentals of wireless microphones.
  • How to manage your wireless systems during the spectrum transition.
  • What are the new rules that will apply to you.
  • How to maximize your cost benefit ratio.
  • What tools are available.
  • Great service from your vendor,  Talamas and from the Shure.
  • Great system tools using wireless in at your facility or in the "wild".
  • Systems integration, MXCW wireless gooseneck conferencing system.

Vanessa and Ben bring a wealth of experience with more than 20 years of experience on Broadway, Broadcast, corporate and educational venues.

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