Heden VM35 Motor



New Horizontally mounted motor. Small, Light and Powerful.




New Horizontally mounted motor. Small, Light and Powerful.

The new Hedén zoom-servo is developed to give superior zoom control through the Smart Grip™ to users of Sony™ FS5 / FS7 / FS7II with all available lenses on the market. The horizontal mounting on the lens also gives a compact packaging combined with upgrade flexibility.

  • The development of a zoom servo for an attractive price was a challenge, but through hard work we were able to do it without compromising the high quality Hedén has been known for in decades. - Fredrik Gunnarsson, Head of development of Hedén motors

Motor control integrated with Sony FS5 / FS7 / FS7II
The new motor driver VLC-1L and motor VM35 is developed to work seamlessly with the Sony™ zoom-rocker. Installation is easy: just plug in power and the LANC-cables and you will keep full compatibility with all other functions on the hand grip. A press on the auto-calibration button and you are up and running!