Full Windshield with Windsock Windjammer and Suspension Mount

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The Rycote full windshield kit includes a modular suspension, modular windshield and windjammer.



The Rycote full windshield kit includes a modular suspension, modular windshield and windjammer.

Rycote Modular Suspension Features

The Modular Suspension combines all the successful elements of the 4-point suspension with a high precision modular frame resulting in a lightweight effective suspension that will fit a wide range of microphones.

  • Equipped with both a boom adapter and a pistol grip handle and a range of clips and O-rings to provide a custom fit. The microphone clips supplied allow you to hold microphones with 19/20mm, 21/22mm, 24/25mm diameters and Sennheiser MKH mics too.
  • Easy to customize the mount to accommodate different styles of use, including the use of foam gags, without obstruction.
  • Three standard mono versions, each with a different length bar (1 module, 2 module and 3 module) but with all other components shared.
  • Stereo suspensions available to fit a wide variety of stereo pairs, single shank stereo microphones, and stereo capsule microphones. 
  • Improved components make handling and usage easier in difficult conditions.
  • Range of accessories available including the Connbox and the MS/XY Cage.

Rycote Modular Windshield Features

  • Designed to provide significant improvement in exterior wind attenuation (up to 25dB).
  • Manufactured from flexible grey plastic netting tube with a screening material attached by special process, providing lightweight strength and durability.
  • Twist and turn locking end caps provide easy, rattle free and secure fastening.
  • Unique slide-on/slide-off system allows easy removal of the microphone and suspension.
  • Mono Windshields have an outside diameter of 100mm (4”), and stereo windshields are 145mm (5-3/4”). (The microphone determines the length of the windshield.)

Rycote Windjammer Features

  • The most effective cover, providing 10 –12db extra protection over a standard windshield.
  • Made from specially designed and manufactured screening materials with virtually no adverse effect on sound level or quality.
  • Fitted with a drawstring & toggle to allow snug and easy fitting.