Panasonic EVA1 Workshop Recap

EvaAt Talamas, it’s exciting when we can get together with likeminded people and learn about the gear that helps us create our projects while fulfilling our vision for excellence! Whether you’re a filmmaker, a producer, actress or an interested novice, our events are extremely welcoming and comprehensive. Just recently, we were thrilled to partner with Women in Film and Video New England in bringing people together to learn about the Panasonic VariCam lineup and most specifically the EVA1.

Gregger Jones

Panasonic Cinema Production Account Manager, Gregger Jones, joined by Joseph White of Miller Tripods, led an interactive session talking with an eclectic gathering of Boston’s local talent. No matter the type of job or set you’d be working on, Gregger touched on the best camera types, lighting and features that could help you achieve your goals with the Panasonic VariCam options. Gregger’s unique approach of mixing knowledge and humor made this a fun and approachable evening for any skill level.  

Joseph White

Supporting the local community is important to us and also to the team at WIFVNE, which made this event a great partnership. Interested in learning more about what the team at Women in Film and Video New England are doing? Be sure to check out their site and all the benefits to membership. Weren’t able to attend and interested in learning more about the Panasonic EVA1? Check out our 5 Favorite Features with Talamas Video Operations Director, Mike Duca.


Thank you to Gregger Jones, Joseph White and team at Women in Film and Video New England for helping us to create such a fantastic event for the local filmmaking community. We look forward to learning more together in the future!

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