Infocomm 2017 by Harry Klane

Hello! I would like to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Harry Klane, and I recently joined Talamas to aid their sales department's continued development. To get an idea of where I've been, what I'm capable of, and perhaps understand why David and Diane agreed to bring me into their organization, please review my LinkedIn profile page at Over forty years in the Professional Audio marketplace has taught, and continues to teach, me a great deal about evolving technologies, their applications and how to better help people and organizations attain their goals. While my career path placed me on a management track very early on, after years of sticking to that direction, it was time to cease managing for large companies and instead explore incorporating my sales and support abilities at a more regional level within today's changing marketplaces. Talamas was one of my targets, and fortunately, both of our timings synced up!
This article represents the first in a series to keep you non-dropped frame, jam-synced with the Sales side of Talamas Company's business. This first article covers my recent trip to Orlando, FL and the 2017 Infocomm Exhibition.

Infocomm 2017

Infocomm was a show like many others. To me, who has attended a number of trade shows, the attendance seemed lower than last year's Vegas show. The official numbers point to an increase. NAB in Vegas and IBC in Amsterdam, both busy shows, were also in my mind as comparison. I also thought about the past memorable shows like NSCA in New Orleans, NAB in Dallas and the many AES extravaganzas in New York City (first at the Waldorf and then the Midtown Hilton). 

Of course, the June weather in Florida made any outside maneuvering uncomfortable, but, since most of the time was spent inside the convention center, that unpleasantness was minimized. As I strolled amoung the exhibition booths, and saw many industry people with whom I've worked, these booths presented the most significance:


◦ Bosch is one of the largest manufacturers in the industry, and a very long time Talamas vendor. Between their car component OEM business, packaging equipment, power tools, consumer goods and security video products, they are as prolific as they are diversified. This year at Infocomm, they were highlighting their new ROAMEO DECT-based communication system along with the reintroduction of Dynacord audio amplifiers and EVID speakers.

Infocomm 2017

This new ROAMEO wireless intercom system was developed, in part, to address the continued saturation of the license-free WIFI bands directly resulting from the FCC-mandated frequency reallocation. The DECT standard has worked well around the world, and now it is migrating to this side of “the pond.” The base stations communicate through the OMNEO platform that RTS introduced years ago, aiding integration of the wireless systems to any RTS intercom. System antenna can be freely added to expand coverage areas and then all link seamlessly to the matrix. As you can see in the accompanying picture, the new belt pack is FULL featured with four channels, color display, ergonomic design for ease of use and extensive programming capabilities for user preferences.

◦ The Dynacord amplifiers are a full line of high performance audio amplifiers for installation and production/touring usage. The Dynacord factory in Germany was always the OEM supplier of amplifiers for EV whose brand name was considered more influential over here. Now, they have reversed their strategy, and focus on the Dynacord brand name which has always been popular in Europe.
◦ The EVID speakers are meant for contracting projects where a small high fidelity loudspeaker fit the intended application. They have brought out several new models to complement the rest of the EVID line. They are installation friendly with new mounting schemes to reduce that chore's efforts and engineered to sound like the rest of that speaker series.


◦ This was one of my favorite booths at the show. Their product line continues to provide superior devices for wireless communications whether configured for IFB, theater, traditional intercom or microphone to device applications. By incorporating well-designed, proven technologies, Lectrosonics consistently provides products with superior performance and features for a wide range of tasks in very reliable packages. The new Duet system was highlighted at their booth. This half rack unit permits up to four duplex channels (with two unit) to operate within only one rack space. IFB and IEM applications will both benefit from the advanced high performance levels this system attains.


◦ Their very busy booth offered access to their range of products distributed in the US. Chris Clay provided me with an overview of the booth and the new Sennheiser models. We reviewed the EM6000 receiver and the L6000 charging station (which are pictured).


◦ They also exhibited a very nice sized inductive charging station CHG-2W for their products.
◦ speeches-lectures-chg-2w

 Listen Technologies

Infocomm 2017

◦ Listen continues to supply listening assist and intercom systems. One product highlighted at Infocomm, that continues to generate significant interest, is a small form factor intercom system currently referred to as ListenTALK. These small, inexpensive devices permit several configurations to be implemented (whether it is one to many, many to one or multiple duplex configurations). While this isn't a fully implemented professional intercom system design, it can be highly effective in classroom, listen assist, tour group or impromptu meetings. This type of “econocomm” provides intercom-like performance and application abilities in a very convenient, easily deployed package. Its impressive versatility offers solid reliable intelligibility and system performance.


Infocomm 2017

◦ Clear-Com is another of Talamas' long time manufacturing partners. Upon entering the booth, I saw Vin Macri, whom I've known since I worked for Harvey Pro in NYC in the 1980s.  As we walked through their booth, he introduced me to, the updated LQ Series as the NEW HOT thing. After reviewing the products, I quickly agreed. The product range was released previously, and offered a range of different interfaces (TW or 4 Wire) to their (and other) intercom systems. The recent addition of SIP connectivity represents an significant game changer. Now with their software AGENT IC app, every smart phone can easily transform into a personal intercom keypanel. The possibilities quickly become staggering. Brilliantly, the LQ integrates to RTS systems (which was one of its initial applications) and even represents a real benefit in systems that employ RTS' VLINK and their integration to the frame. What a terrific product!
◦ At the exhibition, I also had the pleasure of meeting with Bob Boster, the company President, James Schaller, the regional for the Northeast and Bob Rucker, their National Sales Manager, who provided great examples of how to demonstrate their products.


◦ The more broadcast equipment rooms I visit, the more AJA products I see in regular use. While they may be “reasonable,” they have hit the mark in terms of price and performance for broadcasters. Their booth tour began to scratch the surface with the innumerable varieties of converters/interfaces, storage, and processing they offer the industry.


Delta / Vivitek

◦ This booth didn't address the Vivitek collaboration product in which we are interested, but their booth did help reinforce the concept that Delta owns a big piece of the projector market.


◦ Their booth seemed to focus on immersive environments with a little off to the side display of cameras (mainly PTZ for conferencing).


◦ This was my first visit to a Harman booth since Samsung purchased the company. The advanced integration of their audio products with media is just beginning. Undeterred, they still produce an incredible range of products for a wider variety of applications. I was especially surprised by the greater incorporation of column speakers which, in certain applications, provide a technological acoustic edge.


◦ Riedel focused on their new über beltpack which keeps to their “off-kilter, lock step with RTS” historical progression. The two companies began together many years ago with Riedel representing RTS in Europe, but grew apart. That hasn't stopped each of them from advancing the state of the intercom art.

SLS / Dolby

◦ I worked for SLS for a couple of years before I joined Bosch. Recently, Dolby bought the company and its assets. Dolby mainly wants their speaker systems for their ATMOS cinema redesigns as SLS' planar drivers are pretty spectacular for HF reproduction. (They're what I listen to at home too since 2005 in a 7.2 configuration!)
◦ They also produce a professional speaker line. If I was looking to provide a line array/column speaker for a project, as in a classroom or HOW (house of worship), their output is so clean and defined, they are ones I'd try to incorporate.
That is all for now, but I look forward to presenting another communication in a couple of weeks! Take care and, as the late Michael Conrad (playing Sgt. Phil Esterhaus) used to say on Hill Street Blues, “be careful out there.”

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