Talamas is now an authorized Panasonic dealer

Talamas is now an authorized Panasonic dealer. The “cine line” of Panasonic cameras include the VariCam 35, VariCam LT, and - newly announced by Panasonic - the VariCam Pure. Talamas currently carries the VariCam LT, VariCam 35 and several Panasonic camcorders in both their sales and rentals departments.

Panasonic VariCam cameras have several unique features. One which defines the VariCam family is the dual native 800/5000 ISO. Shooting at a native 5000 ISO allows directors of photography to film in low-light conditions without adding noise and grain to a picture.

The VariCam LT system also has in-camera proxy recording capabilities, making media managing even more versatile.

New to the Varicam line, the VariCam Pure, announced at ICB 2016, is true to its name as it records “pure RAW up to 120 fps onto industry-standard codex capture drive 2.0 media.” Information on the VariCam Pure was released by Panasonic earlier this month.

Shortly before announcing their dealer status, Talamas held a successful educational event focused on the VariCam LT and 35’s features presented by Panasonic regional account representatives. Talamas continues to provide learning opportunities and expertise for all Panasonic pro video users. Coming soon to Talamas’ website will be a product spotlight video, highlighting the key characteristics of the VariCam LT.

About the Company:
Talamas is a premier sales and rental house in New England, providing digital cinema and professional audio equipment to the film, television, and content production markets nationwide. Highly regarded for our exemplary customer service and technical expertise, Talamas is always focused on your production. Learn more at talamas.com.

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