ARRI SkyPanel S-360 now in Talamas Rentals and Sales!

ARRI SkyPanel S360-C

The ARRI SkyPanel has always been known for its tremendous output and large light aperture. The new S360-C has expanded ARRI’s LED soft light range with the largest and brightest SkyPanel to date. Not only is the S360-C powerful, but it is packed full of exciting features, making it one of the most versatile LED fixtures on the market. Features include full color control, lighting effects on a huge aperture, wireless DMX built in, a unique carbon fiber yoke, and much more. The S360-C is truly a beast of a light.

Check out this ARRI S-360 in Rentals
ARRI SkyPanel S360-C Manual Blue/Silver w/Edison PowerCON

Check out these ARRI S-360 in Sales
ARRI SkyPanel S360-C LED Light Kit
ARRI SkyPanel S360-C Manual Blue/Silver w/Edison PowerCON
ARRI SkyPanel S360-C Blue/Silver w/ Bare Ends PowerCON
ARRI SkyPanel S360-C Manual Blue/Silver w/Bare Ends PowerCON LED Soft Light
ARRI SkyPanel S360-C Manual Blue/Silver Intensifier Edison LED Soft Light

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