Multi-Track Sound Recording & Video Monitoring with Sound Devices/Video Devices

Multi-Track Sound Recording & Video Monitoring with Sound Devices/Video Devices

Morning Session Topic: Multi-Track Sound Recording for Episodic and Feature Production

Production sound for live action motion picture and episodic television has changed dramatically over the last several years. With the ever-increasing pace of production, plus more unscripted dialogue and multi-camera shooting, production sound has had to evolve their techniques, workflow, equipment, and knowledge to successfully record location sound.

Jon will discuss the practical considerations of sound recording on a live action motion picture production. He will talk about the need and application of multi-track audio recording, including automatic mixing for unscripted dialogue. Timecode synchronization, metadata management, file workflow, and file management will also be discussed. Representative products will be on-hand.n-hand.

Afternoon Session Topic: Video School - Monitoring and Recording for Digital Cinema

Jon will introduce tools and techniques for get the most out of today's high-resolution, high bit-rate digital cinema cameras. The discussion will highlight the advantages of log recording, how to read a production video monitor, and the fundamentals of video codecs. The newly released PIX-E5 will be used to demonstrate these concepts.

The event will be held at Talamas’ new 1,400-square-foot meeting space at our Newton, MA facility.

About Jon Tatooles

Jon Tatooles started his career at Shure Inc. in 1989 shortly after graduating from Northwestern University with a degree in television and film. In 1998, he and Matt Anderson started Sound Devices, a company focused on building specialized products for field production. Jon is co-founder and holds the position of Chief Business Development Officer. A well-known industry leader, for the last 16 years Jon has traveled to customers worldwide teaching sound and video production.

Since their 2004 introduction of the 744T Audio Recorder, Sound Devices' products have been essential tools for sound mixers working in television and feature production. The company's innovative audio products have won the prestigious Cinema Audio Society (CAS) Technical Achievement Award for Production five times. In 2011, Sound Devices expanded its product offering with its first video recorder, the PIX 240. Now, Sound Devices makes a line of essential production video recorders under their brand Video Devices.


Tuesday, October 20, 2015 - 10:00am to 2:00pm
This is a free event

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